Why Petukhovsky.Ru?

1. All our translators are experienced

There are no newcomers on our team. Each of us has had many years of experience in translation, including as in-house translators at major international companies, where we mastered the skills of business translation. Whereas many Russian translation companies have little to offer to their in-house translators, thus driving away the best and most specialized, our team has experienced translators only.

2. Knowledge of specifics

Thanks to our experience, it is very likely that we have already translated documents similar to yours. We will not have to guess which term or synonym to use in each particular case. We are fluent in the terminology and specifics of your industry and capable of consistently bringing excellent results.

3. Optimal turnaround time

We can translate 8 to 10 pages a day, provided that one translator works on one document (which is always preferable). However, the realities of the business environment are such that to our question “By what date would you like to have your translation?” we hear “Yesterday!” We cannot do the impossible. However, we are willing to meet the tightest deadlines with a minimum loss of quality due to urgency.

4. Specialized software

In our translation work we use software based on the “translation memory” principle. This means that if we have already translated a particular sentence or part of a text, it exists in the software’s memory and will be automatically summoned in the course of translation. Given that many legal and financial documents use similar clichés and expressions, this software substantially speeds up the translation process and ensures consistency of your terminology.